In this section of the site we answer the most popular questions that our customers have about our services. If you can’t find the answer here don’t hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, SEER will pay YOU in cash!
Potential legal issues
Companies may be responsible for any non EPA/DOT processing of R-22 and equipment.

Other recycling companies don’t take all of the equipment
SEER takes items with far less value such as metal ductwork, tin, line set covers, etc.

SEER pays more because we have the expertise and skills to recycle more components than our competitors.

SEER has been in business and handling commercial, industrial and residential equipment since 2000.

We haul away ALL metal.
SEER will provide documentation for your legally processed and recycled refrigerants. We use DOT approved and date certified containers. Our tractor trailer and crane services make removal efficient and profitable for you!

Yes. However, it is for metal only.
No job is too big. SEER can safely and efficiently assist you in any equipment removal.

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